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Company Number

An Nova Scotia Company Number is a unique seven-digit number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to every company registered. All companies incorporated in Nova Scotia must be registered with the Nova Scotia Registry.

How to apply

You need to fill out a Name Reservation Request Form, and take it to any Nova Scotia Access Centre or send it to the Nova Scotia Registry Of Joint Stock Companies. Nova Scotia also offers online business registration services. You can submit your Name Reservation Request online at The Nova Scotia Business Registry.

Type of Companies

There are 2 different types of businesses that can be registered:

  • Sole Proprietorship: A "sole proprietor" is anyone who is carrying on a business which is not incorporated and who is doing so without any legal partners, that is, carrying on business by oneself. In Nova Scotia, a sole proprietorship is actually registered as a "partnership" but with only one partner listed, in other words, it is a partnership of one.
  • Partnership : There should be more than 1 members to form a partnership.

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